This traditional drip-method coffee brewer is beautifully crafted and simple to use. 

Its organic shape renders it lovely to look at, and its construction of high quality, borosilicate heat resistant glass makes it durable and functional.  This brewer holds 480ml of coffee, perfect for 3-6 cups. 


This professional-quality pot allows the coffee afficionado to showcase the distinctive flavours and aromas of your favourite coffee beans.  It brews with drop-by-drop precision to ensure a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee.

The wooden collar is attached to the neck with a chocolate brown leather strap which insulate fingers when pouring.  "Sock" style cloth filter gives a unique, clean quality to the cup brewed. 


*** Filter is washable and reusable, so less waste going to the landfill. ***

Hands-on brewing allows the user to control brewing time and temperature. 

CMX Coffee Dripper 3-6 Cups

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