Our Story

The love for quality coffee

We not only roast excellent coffee. WE LOVE COFFEE.

Growing up as a kid I used to spend some time at my grandmother's during school holidays and  would see her often roasting coffee for us in an old fashion manual roaster (compared to today's roasters) on an open fire. She would then store the roasted beans in a 5 litre tin container and every now and then she would ask me to grind a bit of that coffee using a steel manual grinder (that would be on a shelf on the outside of a timber shed) so she could make us some filtered coffee using a "sock" filter as we called it. We would then have coffee in the afternoon with some freshly baked bread. This was probably over 35 years ago, in Brazil. Good and sweet memories.

No doubt this experience as a kid has played big part in influencing me entering into the coffee world. It took me some time though to be able to set time aside and dedicate to this passion of mine - great tasting coffee.  I've been roasting coffee for the past 5 years, in very small scale for family and friends and decided to share my coffee with a wider group of people. In the end, YOU DESERVE AWESOME COFFEE.


 So what's with the name you may ask! Coffee has nothing to do with chalk (thankfully). 

Well the name is a reference to one of my other passions - my sport - rock climbing.  Chalk is used to keep our hands dry from sweat and improve friction.

All of my Espresso Blends are inspired in famous climbing locations in Australia and the world.

WE ARE DIFFERENT! We are Specialty Coffee Roasters, which means the coffee we roast is carefully selected and graded as nothing less than excellent and then small batch roasted to enhance the particular flavors of that coffee (no big automatic coffee roasting machines making decisions for us).

I won't lie to you - here at Chalk Coffee we do love a good pat on the back so we do everything possible to create a coffee that you'll love and say to us "WOW".

So, feel free to browse our website, look for coffee flavors you like and make an order. If you have any questions, want help to chose a coffee or would like a specific coffee or flavor, let us know and we'll see if we can help. you can send an email directly to: hello@chalkcoffee.com.au or leave a message in our Contact Us page. 

BTW, below are photos of a roaster and a grinder very similar to the ones my Grandmother used to have (my grandmother's grinder was a bit more rusty than the one in the picture :)).